Original Maya Demo Animation – Bingo The Clown-O

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Today, a throw-back to the early days of modern animation with the original 1998 (now Autodesk, but at the time Alias|Wavefront) Maya demo animation.  “Bingo” aka “Bingo The Clown-O” is a thought-provoking animation by artist Christopher Landreth and was made to sell Maya 1.0 to artists, studios and schools using packages on the SGI platform. During that time, SGI was working with Microsoft to reveal the workings of OpenGL, which eventually backfired when Microsoft made DirectX to do away with OpenGL. SGI folded and Maya was later sold to Autodesk.

Debuting at Siggraph 1998, “Bingo” showcased the 3D CGI abilities of Maya and, at the time, was considered ground-breaking animation.

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