Monkeyhut VFX is a cloud-based visual effects house who specialise in high-end visual effects for Film, TV and Web. We believe that concentrating our expertise and resources in the one field allows us to deliver superior quality work to that of our competitors, who spread their resources across a range of disciplines. VFX is our passion, and we do it right!

VFX is our passion, and we do it right!

Making beautiful images is important, but so is content delivery. With social media and consumable web content overtaking traditional forms of media, it’s important that your video content looks stunning across all devices! Monkeyhut VFX are experts when it comes to the latest web video technology. Want to share your company-hosted VFX videos on Facebook? No problem. Want your content in the latest html5 video formats? Leave it to us.

If your project demands mind-blowing, seamless, world-class visual effects, why not contact us and see what we can do for you!